Introduction to Angular 7

939 View    Dec 25 2019 10:13PM


Angular is a JavaScript framework which makes you ready to make responsive Single Page Applications also known as  SPA's. Google is constently working to update angular and it is one of the leading technologies for front-end. Its purely based on componets. 


In this tutorial, We will learn setting up our envoirnment for angular 7 web development. This tutorial also includes the features, components, directives, databindings, event bindings, property binding, modules, templates, pipes, services, routing in Angular 7.



Before starting, we are assuming that you have basic knowledge of AngularJS, VS Code, basics of any server side programming language and Javascript.



This tutorial is being developed for both new comers as well as experts.



Basically there wont be mistakes in this tutorial, but if you find some then you can post it in our comment section.